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Supercast 12

Supercast 13


New Platinum Casting Machines

The Supercast Series of centrifugal casters are produced for casting Dental
alloys(Cr-Co), Platinum, Titanium, Gold, Silver and Steel. Produced with the
Patented RCS (Rotating Coil System), this series keeps heat on the metal during the centrifuge process, making it ideal for casting Platinum and Titanium.

Built for larger capacity casting, the Supercast 11, 12 and 13 can handle a 90x90mm flask (3.5 x 3.5”), with a 4kW melting circuit in the 11 & 12 and a 5kW circuit in the 13.

The capacity of the systems are 80 grams of Cr-Co, 200 grams of Platinum and the Supercast 13 can also cast up to 80 grams of Titanium.

All units are produced in 220V, 1-Phase.

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