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Standard Features

Lane Gas Platinum Casting Burnout Furnaces

Our 12x12 oven was designed specifically for the elimination of wax in the casting process. The special triple port burner enables the oven to reach temperatures needed for the complete elimination of all wax models ensuring a clean mold.

There is a need for oxygen throughout the oven to completely eliminate the carbon residue in the flasks. Our gas oven with adequate exhaust drawing fresh air through the burner opening gives a much cleaner burnout than an electric oven, which generally has a small exhaust and no provision for fresh air to move through the oven.

The benefits over electric ovens: No elements to burnout - Gas is cheaper to operate - Extended life for many years of use - A much cleaner burnout due to the complete combustion process which in turn produces bone white flasks.

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Custom Sizes And Specifications Available Upon Request
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