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DCP 100 Digital Controller Programmer


UDC 1000 And UDC 1500 Micro-Pro
Series: Digital Controllers

Furnace Temperature Controllers
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The UDC 1000 and UDC 1500 Micro-Pro are compact 1/16" DIN and 1/8" DIN microprocessor-based controllers that provide Honeywell's high quality and performance at a low price. Their very small size makes them ideally suited for applications where panel space is at a premium, but where performance and versatility are also important considerations.

Key features include dual display, NEMA 3/IP65 front-face protection, universal input and power supply, up to three output types (relay, SSR, linear), auto-manual mode, automatic tuning, and RS485 ASCII communication or Modbus communications.

The DCP 100 is a microprocessor-based 1/4 DIN programmer/controller that combines high functionality and high quality at a very competitive price. It is ideally suited for a large number of applications to control the process variable verses time. Typical applications include heat treating, environmental chambers, sterilizers, and dryers.

The DCP 100 provides excellent accuracy (0.25%) , flexibility (plug-in options), and a simple man/machine interface. It can store up to 8 programs, and each program can include up to 16 segments. The DCP 100 offers you the ultimate in profile flexibility and ease-of-use simplicity. With features like universal inputs, universal power supply, and plug-in option boards, the DCP 100 will reduce inventory while offering flexibility for future upgrades.

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