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DR 4300 Circular Chart Recorder

Basic 10-Inch Recorders

Honeywell's multipurpose circular chart recorder, the DR 4300 answers the need for basic function, low priced instrumentation. The DR 4300 is ideally suited to applications handled by low-cost analog recorders, with accuracy requirements not exceeding 0.50%, and is appropriate for most high-performance applications requiring accuracy not exceeding 0.25%. Some typical examples include; industrial ovens, industrial furnaces, environmental chambers and pharmaceutical equipment. The DR 4300 is available in either single or dual pen models.

The DR 4300 offers you the best of both worlds. It combines the simplicity, reliability and low price of analog instruments with the performance superiority of digital design. It's fully field configurable, a real benefit for your multi-range/actuation requirements. You will find it uncomplicated and easy to use because it does what it has to, and no more.

The Digital Difference

The DR 4300 is a muti-application, microprocessor-based recorder. It features simple, modular construction making it easy to maintain, modify and service. Chart range and rotation speed are easily set and reset in the field. Design simplicity makes operation a snap, even for inexperienced operators.

The DR 4300 is set by adjusting a group of mechanical switches and offers the convenience of a bright, digital display and a configuration keypad. Honeywell stocks over 150 pre-printed charts for use with this model. This unit is self- testing. Since there is no custom configuration required on this model, you can stock up and save money.

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Digital Recording At The Price Of Analog
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