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CS1 Digital

CS2 Digital


Classic Platinum Casting Machines

CS1 - This system was designed primarily for the casting of Platinum, but can also be used for casting all precious metal alloys and industrial alloys. The CS1 is available with a 7.5kW melting circuit and can be fitted with temperature controls, vacuum systems and inert gas inlets. The maximum flask size for the CS1 is 11x12cm (4.25 x 4.75 inches). The crucible can handle about 350 grams of Platinum, 800 grams of pure gold or 250 grams of Stainless Steel. Systems are microprocessor controlled with Auto-diagnosis, Ten Casting parameter memories and Emissivity regulation of the Infrared Temperature Control for more accurate temperature control.

CS2 - This model is essentially the same as the CS1, except that it is built for larger volume casting. The system is available with a 7.5KW melting circuit and
can handle a maximum flask size of 12x16cm (4.75 x 6.3 inches). The maximum
melting capacity of the machine is 2KG of pure gold or 500 grams of steel.

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