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Lane Industries LLC Has Supplied Reliable Sales & Service To The Jewelry And Industrial Community For The Past 29 Years. Below Is An Overview Of The Product Base Available For Purchase In Both Standard And Customized Versions.
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Lane Industries is a prominent company in the jewelry casting business. This reputation was built upon dedication to service and our commitment to excellence in a specialized industry. It has opened the door for us to successfully explore new opportunities within the heat treating industry.

We represent a broad spectrum of high quality products, providing your company with consistent results and minimal disruptions. Our product range includes everything you will need to run a successful business, from gas or electric burnout furnaces, casting machines, to base and liner papers, (just to name a few).

With years of experience in manufacturing, sales and service, our market knowledge is second to none. We are customer driven, and will work direct with you to develop a customized operation focused on your needs.

With our finger on the pulse of the marketplace worldwide, we remain committed to finding and researching new and more efficient technologies to better serve the jewelry casting and heat treating industries.

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